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User’s Guide: Chromebook

Chrome Web Store

Install the UniPrint Mint Extension
  1. Click Add to Chrome.Chromebook 01_InstallMintBeta
  2. Click Add extension.Chromebook 02_InstallMintBeta
  3. UniPrint Mint Beta for Chromebooks has now been added. To see a list of extensions, open Chrome and then in the omnibar type chrome://extensions and then press ENTER.Chromebook 03_InstallMintBeta
  4. A list of extensions including the UniPrint Mint Beta for Chromebooks will appear.
Printing with UniPrint Mint
  1. Open a document in Chrome or Google Docs.
  2. Click Print.Chromebook 01_PrintMintBeta
  3. To change your printer to a Mint printer, click Change.Chromebook 02_PrintMintBeta
  4. Click to select a Mint printer.Chromebook 03_PrintMintBeta
  5. Click Print.

Install and configure UniPrint Mint on another device.