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User’s Guide: Windows PC

To print securely and easily from your mobile device using the Mint app, first download and install the Mint client on a Windows PC and then install the Mint app on your mobile device or devices.

Let’s get started.

Configure the UniPrint Mint Client on a Windows PC
  1. On a Windows computer, install the UniPrint Mint Client by double-clicking UniPrintMint.exe.
  2. In the UniPrint Client 5.3.0 screen, click Next.WIndows PC 02_Install
  3. In the License Agreement screen, select I accept the terms of the license agreement and then click Next.
    Windows PC 03_Install
  4. In the Destination Folder screen, to change the location of the installed files, click Change. Select Anyone who uses this computer and then click Next.
    Windows PC 04 install
  5. Click Install.
    Windows PC 05_Install
  6. Click Finish to complete the installation.Windows PC 07_Install
  7. Mint will open automatically.Windows PC First Launch
  8. If you accidentally close Mint, in the notification area, right-click the Mint icon and then select Mint.Mint task bar
Register an Email Address on the UniPrint Mint Client
  1. On the PC, under Email, enter your e-mail address to activate UniPrint Mint. Click Register. Note: Only a maximum of 5 e-mail addresses can be registered.Windows PC 01_RegEmail
  2. An e-mail is sent to this e-mail address. Open the activation e-mail and then click the link to activate this account.Windows PC 02_RegEmail
  3. A QR Code will appear in the UniPrint Mint Client screen.Windows PC 03_RegEmail

Next, install and configure UniPrint Mint on your mobile device. Click on your device below to continue.