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Helpful Tips

  1. Your PC with UniPrint Mint Client installed must be turned on and you must be logged in also for your printer to be visible on your devices.
  2. Your mobile device and Windows PC must be on the same network.
  3. Make sure you allow the “UniPrint Client Relay” app through your Windows firewall.
  4. Chromebook users must register their email account in UniPrint Mint on their PC.  Only the user account they log into their Chromebook will have access to a printer.
  5. Only the printer set to Default on your PC will be visible from your Android, iOS or Chromebook OS device.
  6. Upon the initial release there will be a limit of 5 email accounts which can be registered in UniPrint Mint on one PC.
  7. When printing a PDF file with a password from iOS devices the user has to enter the password again on their PC.
  8. You cannot register the same email address on multiple computers running UniPrint Mint.


UniPrint Mint for Android
UniPrint Mint for iOS
UniPrint Mint for Chromebooks

More Questions?

Have a look at the handy User’s Guide for more details or send us a question through the contact form.

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